Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally, a Use For My Law School Textbooks

For the past few months, I have been selling my law school textbooks online at Every time I sell one, I am tempted to include a note to the recipient, begging them not to continue on the road to unhappiness and possible financial ruin. Instead, I simply place the packing slip inside the front cover and say a little prayer that the person who ends up using the book finds more happiness with their law degree than I have.

At first, I felt a little sad about selling them, like I was saying good-bye to all the dreams I had before I went to law school. Dreams that I would become the next Alan Dershowitz. Dreams that my family would be proud of me and my distinguished legal career. Dreams that I would find happiness and financial security beyond my wildest dreams, despite growing up dirt poor.

The truth is I don't miss these books at all. Nor do I miss practicing law. Yet. More on that later...

Have any of you recovering or practicing lawyers sold your textbooks? Why or why not?

Image courtesy of Carlos Porto.


  1. I keep them cause they are purdy.

  2. Better than what I did with mine - in a dumpster down by the river :P