Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beats the Hell Out of Waitressing

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Thank you to those of you who answered my survey regarding second jobs.  For those of you who said you'd be willing to go into hookin', a little lawyerly advice: sometimes it doesn't matter what's in the briefs, as long as you give good oral.  Good luck!


  1. I hope this post is a joke. If not, read this. All of it:

  2. @5:27 AM -- What a boring article that has nothing to do with this. SFTU.

    I assume it is a lighthearted post. But I also know for a fact that hooking (not on a street corner, but 'high class' services to vetted, professional clients) is actually not bad at all. Very safe. You just have to know what you're doing. It's not uncommon either.

    I'd rather have dinner with an out-of-town businessman on a weekend night, a good bottle of wine, share a few interesting stories, then suck his dick (I rarely fuck, and they don't often want to) for a few hundred bucks than slave away at some boring part time second job for ten times as long for the same money.

    See you in church on Sunday!

  3. @1:34PM

    Prostitution and Porn are very profitable, but are also very rough, rough businesses and are drug fueled, and maybe all are one and the same. Organized crime is very involved as well.

    It is not a joking matter, and nobody but a stupid and naive kid would say that they "know what they are doing" and to call a sleazy john (no matter how much money or what job he has) a "professional" and a vetted "client" partakes of something that is the lowest of the poor and struggling low class in a raw street level struggle for economic survival is an excuse to justify debasing the human self (all religion aside and nothing to do with religion) and is hypocritical.

    Especially after having obtained a Juris Doctorate in Law. And are JD' grads so desperate now that they have to turn tricks to pay off student loan debt? (Which is what you imply)

    And is prostitution, heterosexual and homosexual, by both women and men, the level of desperation that the US student lending system and the law school scam has driven people to by now?

    And BTW I never go to church unless I have to, and it is only for funerals and special memorial masses, or holidays, because I am not religious.

    And I have never and would ever pay for sex.

    1. Fuck you.

      Fuck you for your "knowledge" of the business gleaned from what appears to be Feminist Studies 101 in college.

      And fuck you for daring to judge anyone else.

      What I did (and still do on occasion) is not linked to organized crime. It's me, on my own, doing my thing. No drugs, no roughness. Like I said, and like you conveniently ignored, it's not hooking on a street corner (which is drug fueled, dangerous, and linked to crime.)

      I am not a kid. I am in my mid-thirties. I know who I work with. I am not hustling on a street, trying to get myself out of poverty. Again, you completely have no idea of the range of prostitution. So go back to your theory books and Women's Studies classes and fuck yourself.

      The only thing you're right about is that I do this out of desperation - my student loans from law school are immense, and I am doing what I need to do (which is sucking some 1%er cock) to make the payments.

      You seem to have totally misunderstood my post. I am what you call a hooker. I do it to pay my loans sometimes. I do what I have to.

      And I'm surprised you're not religious, seeing as your attitude suggests a religious sense of superiority.

  4. @1:34PM

    And so I guess if there was a funeral in a church for a family member of yours that died, maybe from cancer or diabetes, you just wouldn't go because you know better.

    After all, why should you be offended by a church?


    Hey guys: That's my mom: She went to an ABA accredited law school and now advocated sucking dick for a few hundred extra bucks instead of flipping burgers.

    And epic story.

    1. Yeah, again, fuck you. I'm glad that your life worked out better. But don't judge those for whom life has been less fortunate.

      And to be honest, there's a few of my clients who I enjoy working with, like really enjoy it. How'd you like them apples?

  5. Yes, I'm pretty sure the people who said they'd go into prostitution to pay off their loans were just kidding. I think it was a statement on how hopeless some people feel when they have tens of thousands or maybe even six figures of debt. It doesn't mean they're actually going to go do it.

    And I'm not sure what that article had to do with my post, but thanks. I'm familiar with her work as a sex worker advocate (something I learned during my liberal arts education). I don't think she is in the business of judging people for their choices, though. I think her concern is for the safety of adult industry performers.

    I agree prostitution can be a very dangerous occupation, but some people find a safer niche market to serve (Eliot Spitzer, anyone?). Like women who go into the dominatrix business.

    Finally, if you feel angry or hurt by someone's insensitivity or intolerance to your views, or if you are surprised that not everyone sees the world through your own personal lens, then as they say, "welcome to the internet."

  6. Look, I pass no judgements.

    There really are no simple answers to this crazy debate, which may well be highly irregular or anomalous.

    But Student loan debt should never drive anyone to selling their very body, and there is something terribly wrong or rather horribly wrong when there are no bankruptcy consumer rights protections for American student loan debt, and in the absence of such basic human rights protections, people feel that physical prostitution is the only way out- like an animal chewing his leg off in a trap for freedom--so as to make the payments on student loan debt....something is terribly, terribly wrong.

    All I can say in the end is that without bankruptcy protections against predatory lenders of whatever form...........we have no rights anymore as American citizens, or do we have an American country in which to live, and the picture is very dismal.

  7. I'm not sure how I feel about bankruptcy protections for student loans. The argument for exempting student loans from bankruptcy is that students normally have very little in the way of money or any other assets upon graduation, so it would be very easy to just declare bankruptcy and get rid of the debt easily. I can understand that courts would be hesitant to treat these like other loans.

    But I do think the 2005 bankruptcy reforms, which made it virtually impossible to discharge private student loans, went too far. After all, when you take out federal student loans, the government does not take your credit or income into consideration. That's how they can guarantee that everyone, regardless of financial status, can have access to higher education. But private lenders do check your credit and they can inquire into your income and the likelihood that you will be able to repay the loans. So why are they not on the hook for lending responsibly?

    Maybe if bankruptcy protection were afforded to private borrowers, private lenders couldn't just throw money at students at outrageous interest rates, thereby driving up the cost of a college education.

    Plus, students who take out federal loans are afforded more protections when they are unemployed, underemployed, or otherwise unable to make payments for a period of time. So it seems fair that since borrowers are afforded greater protections, so should the lender (in this case, the federal government).

    However, private lenders do not have to grant hardship deferrals or any other kind of deferral (that I am aware of). So why are they afforded the same level of protection as the federal government, when they offer borrowers no greater protection than a consumer would have for credit card debt or an auto loan?

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  10. I'm late to this party, but I just wanted to say that I love your "lawyerly advice." Though in my experience at least on appeal (discovery motions are different), what you're packing between the blue sheets matters far more than being a cunning linguist.

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