Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blog Giveaway Winner and a Heartwarming Student Loan Story

Congrats to Susan Smoaks for winning the Dave Ramsey giveaway!  Be sure to look for my email asking for your delivery address.  Also, if you entered the giveaway, I'll be emailing you as well with a small token of my appreciation.

Look how happy Dave looks, Susan!  Well, he never really looks happy, but I know that's how he feels on the inside.  I hope you find the book motivational, like I did.

Also, here is a touching story I read regarding a single mother in Rhode Island whose student loans were
paid off by a man who lives outside of the U.S.  The anonymous donor read an article about people struggling financially around the holidays, and Starlie Becote's story was included.  He not only paid off the social worker's college loans, but also sent her $5,000 to help with other expenses.  It turns out, shortly after she received the gift, her son became critically ill, and she had to take some time off of work.  The extra $5,000 turned out to be a useful emergency fund for her.  I love reading inspirational stories like this about people helping out complete strangers just because they need it, so I thought I'd pass it along.  Enjoy!


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