On Debt

85% of law students graduate with six figures of debt.  The median starting salary for graduates who were not in the top 15% of their classes (for the class of 2011) was $60,000, which was a 17% drop compared to the median starting salary of $72,000 for the class of 2009.  And that's if you're lucky enough to find a full-time, permanent job. (In case you haven't heard, some law schools have even started hiring their own graduates in temp positions in order to inflate employment stats.)  To put it bluntly, the current legal market sucks, and the only guarantee that comes with a law degree these days is an enormous amount of non-dischargeable student loan debt.  If you've already graduated with a ton of student loans, don't worry.  You can get out; it will just take a lot of sacrifice on your part.  And if you haven't yet taken the plunge and enrolled in law school, here's a bit of free advice: don't do it unless you've got a scholarship.  I was once deep in student loan debt, but not anymore.  Read on to learn about how my husband and I became debt free.

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