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Episode 4: "Money, Get Away" I've been gone for a few weeks, so I give you updates on what I've been up to (still living like a broke college student, saving money for an emergency fund, trying to talk people down from the student loan cliff), plus the final installment of my interview with a former law school classmate who is now working in a non-legal position.

Episode 3: WWJD?
This week, I discuss the impact that declining law school enrollment has had on Catholic University's budget.  (Spoiler alert: they're going to continue feeding at the law school loan trough, but some art courses and such are on the chopping block).  Also, part 2 of my interview with Howard, a former law school classmate who is now working in a non-legal position.  Howard and I discuss his first lawyer gig, and why he got out.  And finally, a segment on Phyllis Coletta's masterpiece, Quit Your Job and Live Your Dream (one caveat: pay off your debt first!).  Enjoy...

Episode 2: All Over But the Shouting This week, I discuss my take on an LA Times article regarding the class action lawsuits that disgruntled grads have filed against a number of law schools. I apologize for some indelicate language I used, but I was a bit worked up. Also included is part 1 of my interview with "Howard," a former law school classmate of mine. He recently transitioned to a non-legal position, and in the first part of the interview we discuss why he went to law school, and what advice he gives to prospective law students these days. Finally, I read an excerpt from the introduction to Will Meyerhofer's book, Way Worse Than Being a Dentist: The Lawyer's Quest for Meaning, which is a collection of his "In-House Counseling" columns from Meyerhofer brings a unique and humorous voice to the dysfunctional legal industry. He went to law school for the same silly reasons we all did; he was traumatized by his experience in Big Law; and now he gets to help people who took the same dreadful path he did. Enjoy! Music from this week's podcast is courtesy of ("Wow" theme) and ("Blues 2" and "Pop Guitar" clips). Episode 1: My first podcast includes my take on the U.S. News Law School rankings that were released last week, plus a story about an encounter I had with a woman who is considering going to law school, and some other fun stuff. I also include instructions for how to enter my blog giveaway (don't worry, it's really easy). This week, I am giving away a copy of Dave Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover, along with some envelopes and labels for getting started on the envelope system. If you're in debt like I was, it might be up your alley!

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